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When time is of the essence, call Rector Press. We believe you will be more than satisfied with the time and energy we can save you by obtaining the science fiction books you need, leaving you free to complete your project. Our telephone, fax and telex service numbers are available around the clock.
Angel Trails Vol. I & II

I want to tell you a secret. Electra is in love. Passionately, incredibly, secretly in love. Doesn't want to tell anyone about it. Not even herself.

Would she tell someone? Whom? When? Would you like to guess? Are the clues in the poem she has written and hidden somewhere?

We found it for you. Here it is:

         Chained to my clicking 'mouse',

         Of all the days, 'today',

         Yesterday's tomorrow, and tomorrow's yesterday,


         For the holding-beholding,

         Tracking you'r eyes, an' yo'r words,

         I won't let the centuries glide away

         Without telling you why

         Like a kittenish kite soaring,

         Kicking and ignoring,

         The cyberspace angel's warning

         Blocking my way;

         Lucky I'm feeling

         For blindly leaving

         My weather-beaten string

         Looping anchorless your way .....
Double Lives: In 2078, a space movie hero is frozen alive as a suspect in a murder. His victim leaves his billions to a son no one knew existed. When the son arrives to claim his inheritance, he is murdered.

Will the hero be proven innocent of the original murder and defrosted? Is an alien deceiving his widow? Or is he really an angel? A totally unusual combination of science fiction/fantasy/ metaphysical literature!

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Traps Trilogy

News: Rings Around the World has been nominated for the Golden Duck Award for excellence in children's science fiction!

Earth Trap: Rings Around The World Three spaceships, American, Russian, and Japanese, are launched within hours of each other to colonize Mars. Their mysterious disappearance piles up nightmarish problems for everyone on earth -- especially for the wife, son, and twin daughters of the American Captain.

Did he defect to the Japanese faction that is determined to acquire Mars for themselves? Does a painting cut into four pieces, and a scientist who has lost his memory, hold the key? Or, the Captain's mysterious third daughter, Neelam, who cannot be found? How about his son's new "invention" that the Captain secretly took abroad violating NASA's rules?

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Kuru Trap: The Forbidden Blood The American spaceship captain's mysterious daughter, Neelam, whom he had illegally stowed away with him on his journey to Mars, joins two alien teenagers in their battle to free themselves from the thought control of a mysterious power on their planet.

The group controlling that Power have found means to make themselves immortal. They are not worried about the rebellion. They've made it impossible for anyone to leave the planet. Anyone who tries, gets burned. And, they control the planet's getting-ready-to-go-nova sun. To them total destruction of the "tainted blood" is the only thing that counts.

Who'll win this war? The teenagers? Or, the centuries old Immortals?

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Planet Keepers: Vol. I-IV
Checkmating Aliens: The Earth's land area has been depleted and humans are living on islands. From an alien planet comes a scientist equipped to reverse the land erosion.

But an alien underground faction has corrupted the emissary and ordered him to use his device as a Doomsday weapon. It's all complicated by the existence of alien children among the Earthlings.

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Good-bye Alien God: As Earthling's celebrate New Year's Eve like the 4th of July, a mysterious Blue Island suddenly rises from the ocean floor, disgorged by a blast of supersonic force triggered by alien outlaw, Jal-O.

Hurtling to uncover the sinister sham of their birthright, surrogate siblings infiltrate the powerful galactic organization, JALANGA, which seeks to enslave mankind.

The formidable task of damage restoration races to its cryptic conclusion as an army of robots threatens and intercosmic lifeforms fiddle with the future.

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Nikita's Shadows: An alien Outlaw pretends to be a human lost in space. His two goals: to enslave a lovely space opera heroine and to become the Earth's first dictator.

Combatting him is complicated by alien children who were hidden on Earth earlier, and by the machinations of a religious leader. Not fooled by the alien's third eye, the conniving religious leaders want to ensnare him concocting his secret scheme.

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Lord Kito's Revenge: Flying beings team up with Lord Kito for an assault on Earth, but it doesn't quite end up the way one would expect.

Treachery, kidnapping, espionage, cosmic clashes and double-dealing...even a romance.

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