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Euromoney Journals

Rector Press can now provide subscriptions to a large number of Journals from Euromoney.

The available journals are listed below. At the bottom of this page is an order form where you can list the journals you would like to subscribe to.

Euromoney Journals

Aviation and Shipping
Capital Markets
Corporate Finance and Strategy
Law, Tax and Accounting
Regional Profiles
Trade and Project Finance
Treasury, Risk Management and Foreign Exchange
Other Publications

Euromoney Journals

Aviation and Shipping

  • Airfinance Journal
    The world's leading magazine on aviation finance covers all aspects of finance for the airline sector. Detailed analysis of aircraft finance, airline funding and leasing are supported by features on risk management, treasury functions, law and cross border taxation.
    Annual subscription (11 issues); US$470, 280 (UK Only) Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • Aircraft Economics
    Dedicated to analysing the operating profitability and investment performance of commercial aircraft. Investor guides to aircraft include performance and cost comparisons, maintenance programme reviews, market analysis and aircraft values
    Annual subscription (6 issues); US$315, 175 (UK Only). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Air Traffic Management
    The leading International Magazine dedicated to air traffic Control - technology, management and development. In-depth reporting, analysis and incisive features are supported by market reports on funding, finance and insurance, regional surveys and technology updates.
    Annual subscription (6 issues); 95 (UK only) US$150 Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Aircraft Maintenance International
    The essential magazine for fleet planners, engineering chiefs and airline personnel responsible for aircraft maintenance, modification and conversion. Each issue presents news, analysis and contract details as well as business and technology reports for aircraft owners & operators world-wide.
    Annual subscription (10 issues); 145 (UK only) US$245 Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Airport Business Management & Development (formerly Airport Support)
    Dedicated to providing the information most needed by senior personnel responsible for the safe, efficient and profitable operation of airports & airport services world-wide. In- depth articles on the economics of the latest technologies, contract and tender reports and funding programmes.
    Annual Subscription (10 issues); 145 (UK only) US$245 Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • China Aviation
    Primarily for senior Chinese executives responsible for regulation, development, finance and all aspects of commercial aviation. This quarterly magazine provides news analysis, technology updates and economic assessments of aircraft, airlines, airports and air traffic control facilities. Published in Mandarin and English. Distributed throughout PR China.
    Annual Subscription (4 issues); 95 (UK only) US $150 Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • International Cruise and Ferry Review
    This bi-annual magazine is written for international passenger shipping owners & operators, including high speed ferries. It covers all subjects relating to the design, build and operation of these vessels.
    Annual subscription (2 issues); US$110, 50 (UK Only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • International Shipping Review
    This leading biannual business magazine is written primarily for ship owners & operators. It covers all aspects of a ship's operation including shipbuilding, repair & conversion, propulsion, navigation and marine equipment, ship sales and purchases & port developments.
    Annual subscription (2 issues); US$ 110, 50(UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • International Container Review
    Provides up-to-date technical information and informative views and opinions from industry leaders on trends and developments in the container shipping industry.
    Annual subscription: (2 issues); 60 (Rest of the World) 50 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Dream World Cruise Destinations
    The leading magazine in the cruise industry for itinerary planning which covers the latest developments in port and terminal facilities and onshore tours and attractions.
    Annual subscription: (2 issues): 60 (Rest of World), 50 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Port Development International
    PDI is the main media for the early identification and evaluation of new market and investment opportunities management/technical systems and product innovations within the maritime ports industry.
    Annual subscription (12 issues): US$175 (Europe), US$253 (Rest of World) 107 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.


  • ICB Magazine
    The only magazine covering the banks transaction and information processing services, from global custody and cash management to cross border payments.
    Annual subscription (6 issues); US$260, 135 (Europe), 125(Uk only) Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • ICB Newsletter
    The only monthly publication dedicated to covering the banks transaction processing related business, including interbank payments and clearing risk, SWIFT related topics and securities clearing services.
    Annual subscription (12 issues); US$795, 435 (Europe). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • ICB Settlements Report
    The monitor of world-wide transaction standards in a unique quarterly newsletter devoted entirely to international securities clearing and settlement.
    Annual subscription (4 issues): US$460, 255 (Europe), 245 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

    Capital Markets

    Over 160,000 people world-wide regard EUROMONEY as the leading source of information on international finance. First launched in 1969, EUROMONEY provides unrivalled coverage of international finance, capital markets and banking.
    Annual subscription (12 issues); US$395 (Europe/SA/Canada) US$420 (Rest of World) 195 (UK only). Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • EUROMONEY Japanese Digest
    A selection of the most relevant articles from EUROMONEY magazine and its sister publications, complemented by original articles, translated into Japanese, and published quarterly .
    Annual subscription (4 issues); Y29000 (Japan only),US$225( ROW), 125 (UK). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • International Bond Investor
    The only magazine devoted to the international fixed income investor. Every quarter International Bond Investor delivers detailed articles on the latest markets, instruments and strategies with a mixture of features, polls and technical briefings.
    Annual subscription (quarterly); US$180,100 (UK only). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Euroweek
    Essential reading for all those involved in the international capital markets. Published every Friday, Euroweek has the latest news & comment on all the weeks deals in the international debt & equity markets, plus a wealth of market analysis & gossip.
    Annual subscription (weekly); US$3125,1790 (UK only). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • China Banking & Finance
    The only English language publication to offer analytical coverage of the PRC's booming finance markets. Experienced China lawyers and bankers give concise up to date reports on the finance issues of importance to foreign investors and financial institutions , such as the securities market, enforcement of guarantees, B share legislation , loans and bond issues as well as profiles of local banks and Financial Services.
    Annual subscription (10 issues) HK$3450 US$465 Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Capital Markets Guide
    The essential data source for the Euromarkets. The guide provides full details including pricing and syndicates for all new international bonds, syndicated loans as well as Euro-CP and Euro MTNs, in an easy to use format. Updated monthly, the guide is comprehensive and provides full details of the international primary debt markets.
    Annual subscriptions (12 issues): US$3125,1950 (UK only). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Databases
    Euromoney's PC-based electronic databases provide the most comprehensive information available on the international capital markets. The databases cover Eurobonds and international equity issues, syndicated loans, Euro MTNs, CDs, Euronotes and ECP.

    Each database is straightforward to use, specifically designed for use by bankers and other market participants. The emphasis is on accuracy of data, speed, flexibility and ease of use. Subscribers receive full training and on-going support.
    For more information please call Nigel Pavey on Tel +44 (1) 71 779 8800 Order subscriptions. Order Now.

    Corporate Finance and Strategy

  • Corporate Finance
    Corporate Finance is the only independent magazine devoted to the concerns of international treasurers and chief financial officers. It mixes analysis of the latest trends in capital raising and risk management, with foreign exchange and interest rate forecasts and features on cash & treasury management.
    Annual subscription (12 issues): US$465, 255(UK only) Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • Global M&A & Corporate Strategy
    M&A is a key strategic tool. More than ever professionals need information on the best advisers in individual sectors & jurisdictions, information on what competitors are doing and perhaps most important of all information on deal execution. Senior executives and strategists need objective analysis from sources they can trust. Global M&A combines readability with depth. Essential reading.
    Annual Subscription (4 issues) US$170, 115(UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.


  • Petroleum Economist
    The leading international energy magazine which covers energy financing and law, news, statistics and energy company analysis.
    Annual subscription (12 issues) US$495 ( Airmail) US$450(surface mail),215 ( UK only). Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • Gas World International
    Reporting on the world's gas industry for over 100 years, it is read by middle and top management in more than 50 countries world-wide. It covers news & background on the industry, technical data new products and new trends all backed up by informed comment with a global perspective.
    Annual Subscription (12 issues): 140 / US$230(airmail) UK 120 Order subscriptions. Order Now.


  • ReActions
    The world's leading international reinsurance and insurance journal. Every month ReActions reports and analyses the latest developments affecting the world's US$1968 Billion insurance and reinsurance markets. Our special surveys, including the annual reaction/Standard & Poor's Top 100 reinsurers, and supplements give subscriders valuable information usually unavailable anywhere else.
    Annual subscription (12 issues):, 210 (Europe), US$410 (USA & Canada), 195 (UK only). Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • Asia Cover
    The only independent monthly magazine for the rapidly expanding Pan Asian insurance, reinsurance and risk management markets. Edited in Hong Kong Asia Cover reports the development of the world's fastest growing insurance market.
    Annual subscription (12 issues) ; 625.00/US$625.00 Order subscriptions. Order Now.


  • Global Investor
    This international magazine for the investment management community covers all aspects of global and cross-border investment by fund managers, pension funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors. With strategic and analytical information in each issue, Global Investor also covers all aspects of the relationship between institutional investors and investment managers.
    Annual subscriptions (10 issues) US$425, 230 (UK only) Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • International Securities Lending
    This unique publication has established itself as required reading for lenders and borrowers in the international repro, stock and securities markets. Covering new markets, techniques, strategy, regulation, tax & accounting.
    Annual subscription (4 issues): US$220,125(UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

    Law, Tax and Accounting

  • International Financial Law Review
    For more than a decade, essential reading for banks, law firms and corporations world-wide. The IFLR is the pre-eminent source of information on financial & commercial law, providing analysis of legal developments , drawing on the experience of leading lawyers, counsel & bankers.
    Annual subscription (12 issues); US$695, 395(UK only)
    Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • International Commercial Litigation
    The essential monthly magazine for litigators and in-house lawyers providing comparative global coverage of major cases and practical litigation issues: Forum shopping procedure, strategy, costs and enforcement / execution.
    Annual subscription (10 issues) US$250, 165 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • International Tax Review
    The most authoritative and lively magazine in the tax world. Its timely review of new developments makes the magazine essential reading for in-house tax experts. Analytical articles are supported with unrivalled coverage of the tax advice market. The magazine also highlights the opinions of in-house experts.
    Annual subscription (10 issues): US$595, 335 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Managing Intellectual Property
    With substantial news coverage and expert articles, MIP reflects the vital world-wide importance of intellectual property - trade marks, patents, copyrights and know how- as an area of legal practice and business strategy. MIP is the essential publication for IP professionals everywhere.
    Annual subscription (12 issues): US$440, 245 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Asia Law
    The foremost legal authority on Asian trade and investment. Asia law is written for legal counsel and business professionals involved with Asian securities, taxation corporate liability and other business issues. Regular updates address new legislation. Also featured are exclusive reports compiled by established law firms in each of the Asian jurisdictions.
    Annual subscription (10 issues): HK$3600/US$515 Order subscriptions. Order Now.


  • Asset Finance & Leasing Digest
    The only global magazine for the asset financing and leasing industries providing up-to the minute information on specific sectors, geographical areas and asset finance products which can rapidly boost the performance of your business. Its team of experts writers around the world give you the information you need to compete in an increasingly global industry.
    Annual subscription (10 issues): US$315, 195(UK only). Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

    Regional Profiles

  • AsiaMoney
    Asia's leading financial magazine is essential reading for making informed decisions in the region's dynamic markets. No other publication in Asia offers in-depth analysis of business relationship , financial markets, deals and investment flows. All analysis is supported by authoritative data and polls which have become recognised benchmarks in Asia.
    Annual subscription (10 issues); US$295 UK (195). Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • Central European
    There is no more important emerging market than Eastern and Central Europe. Central European was the first monthly magazine to cover developments there and is essential reading for anyone involved in the region. Every issue contains news analysis, including bond and stock issues, privatisation ,interviews with leading players and ministers as well as focused country reports.
    Annual subscription (10 issues): US$435 240 (UK only). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • LatinFinance
    With ongoing, in-depth coverage of the dynamic Latin American financial markets, LatinFinance is the single most important business publication covering Latin American finance. Plus, each issue comes with one or more of LatinFinance's valuable Financial, Industry, Government and Legal supplements at no additional charge.
    Annual subscription (10 issues): US$195 (US only) US$225 (rest of world) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

    Trade and Project Finance

  • Project and Trade Finance
    The leading most experienced and detailed in its field, Project & Trade Finance provides coverage of the latest deals financing techniques and players supporting cross-border capital goods exports, big ticket project finance and utility privatisation's. Each month country, industry, sector and agency features analyse the trends and risks behind the deals.
    Annual subscription (12 issues): US$625,365 UK. Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • Project and Trade Finance Fax Service
    Complementing the monthly magazine, the weekly faxed newsletter reports on the latest contract and mandate awards, development announcements, export credit agency and multilateral lending institution initiatives. As well as relevant appointments and government policy changes. All delivered to your desk instantly.
    Annual subscription (weekly):US$1450, 840 UK. Order subscriptions. Order Now.

    Treasury, Risk Management and Foreign Exchange

  • Treasury Manager
    A publication which provides independent information on currency forecasting and interest rate movements in both major and minor markets. Each month Treasury Manager provides hedged recommendations and Features by market experts on the latest derivatives products. It also compiles exchange and interest rate forecasts from over 40 leading analysts.
    Annual subscription (12 issues): US$790, 485 (UK only). Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

    Other Publications

  • Corporate Location
    The leading publication on direct corporate investment. Provides information on the conditions, opportunities and factors affecting investment worldwide, whether the chosen route is siting of new facilities, acquisition or joint ventures.
    Annual subscription (6 issues): US$225 150 (UK only). Order subscriptions.
    Order Now.

  • European Food and Drink Review
    Magazine written for senior and middle management in the food and drink processing industries, covering the latest developments in ingredients, process technology, analysis and control, packaging, transportation and storage.
    Annual subscription (4 issues): US$135, 65 (UK only). Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • World Link
    Global businesses face exacting demands and problems. World Link, the magazine of the World Economic Forum, uniquely addresses these concerns. It provides senior corporate and financial executives with vital information on direct investment, management techniques, technological innovations and trade developments.
    Annual subscription (6 issues): UK 145, US$215. Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Global Telecoms Business
    Global Telecoms Business concentrates uniquely on the business, finance and strategic issues facing the international telecommunications market. Knowledgeable analyses offer real insight into the key issues facing telecoms today - strategies and alliances, funding and regulation, politics, privatisation and people.
    Annual subscription (6 issues): US$185, 120 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Digital Media
    Digital Media is an international title for business users and developers of multimedia. It focuses on applications, shedding light on developments and the benefits they bring to business. Detailed case studies accompany crisp explanations of how multimedia affects business.
    Annual subscription (4 issues): US$140, 95 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Pharma Business
    Pharma Business is the only dedicated pan-European pharmaceutical business and marketing magazine. This unique publication features a probing, analytical editorial style, and a detailed special report is included in every issue, which is why our readers save their copies of Pharma Business for reference throughout the year.
    Annual subscription (6 issues): US$145, 95 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Windows on Finance
    Windows on Finance is the only information technology magazine designed specifically to answer the strategic and tactical questions facing banks and financial institutions throughout Europe as they seek to gain advantages by investing in operating systems and applications. Windows on Finance addresses the problems and opportunities of information technology in financial services - and provides the answers.
    Annual subscription (4 issues): US$145, 95 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Media Business Report
    Media Business Report analyses the financial activities of the press, television, radio and film industries. Every three weeks, the Newsletters highlight media investment opportunities, legal considerations of mergers & acquisitions and market trends. Media news, features and data for the first time in a truly international publication.
    Annual subscription (16 issues): US$645, 420 (UK only) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

  • Batteries International
    The leading publication providing the industry with the best international news, technical articles, interviews, conference coverage, market opportunities and informed comment
    Annual subscription (4 issues): 40 (Europe only) 50 (rest of the world) Order subscriptions. Order Now.

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